What We Do

The Georgetown Development Initiative (GDI) is a student organization on campus with a mission to create a network of development-oriented academics and professionals. In the past, GDI members have attended development events in the city to learn about the various international challenges facing our communities. In 2014, GDI started Innovation Marketplace as a platform to provide realistic simulations and hands-on experience for undergraduates along the east coast to real-world problems. Through Innovation Marketplace, participants have a better appreciation of development challenges, have the opportunity to interact and engage in constructive dialogues with like-minded individuals from across the country, and are also presented with a unique networking experience with thought leaders, experts, and scholars in the field of international development.

  • GDI serves as a networking platform for undergraduates to meet development practitioners in the DC region.

  • GDI hosts Innovation Marketplace annually, a case competition for undergraduates to submit and present development proposals to a panel of judges at Georgetown University.

  • GDI allows undergraduate students at Georgetown University to discuss important development issues and think through potential solutions.

  • GDI seeks to increase knowledge and awareness of international development issues in the hopes of inspiring careers in this sector

Our Team

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