Germany Energy Conference

For the month of October, we attended the discussion on Germany’s Energy Democracy and its transition to renewables. Author and specialist of energy policy, Arne Jungjohann summarized major points of his book: Germany’s Energiewende to Renewables for us, which can be viewed here. In addition, we heard Anya Schoolman, Director of DCSun and Community Power, […]

Future of Cities

For the month of September, we attended Future of Cities at Impact Hub. We heard speaker Brady Crooks, Founder of WE-Desgin, talk about Redlining and how it continues to affect us today. Redlining was a racist housing policy that segregated neighborhoods.

Inter-American Development Bank Visit

On November 6 2015, members of the Georgetown Development Initiative (GDI) visited the Inter-American Development Bank to speak to Mr. Fernando Jimenez-Ontiveros, the General Manager of the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), and several specialists ( Mr. Steven Wilson, and Ms. Maria Villanueva). The MIF has made it their mission to support economic growth and poverty […]

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